Alena A.

Ola is simply amazing! She made the house buying process for me and my boyfriend so smooth and enjoyable as it can be :) It was a very intensive search where Ola was able to know our needs really well and propose really good house options that we loved. She always had time for us and alway was ready to spend more if needed to give advice on potential renovation or possibilities with the house. I also felt really protected in a sense that she was telling us the truth about the situation and different houses expressing her opinion where we were not sure about a particular option. So I really enjoyed working with Ola and was grateful that we had to work together. I can definitely 100% recommend Ola and hope she will be able to work together again if we ever get to buy another house :)

Steven Y.

Lin Storer is a realtor who goes above and beyond. If you are looking for a subject matter expert who can help you sell or buy you have to work with Lin. She knows the bay area market and all the right vendors you may need for fixing up. The Bay Area is so competitive that having the right agent is so important. Additionally Lin is a wholesome, caring and genuine individual; this is so rare. Look no further and reach out to Lin Storer for all your real estate needs!

Christine Y.

Lin Storer is our resident realtor, whom we’ve known for over 6 years. We are so grateful for finding her, she is the most outstanding, caring and hardworking individual we have met. She has helped us through multiple transactions which resulted in a positive return on a sale during a hard time in the market. She helped us shop around for multiple successful home purchases. During all purchases there were always hurdles of off market competition or multiple offers in the 30’s; which we won due to Lin’s remarkable negotiation skills and charismatic genuine qualities on how she assesses the market and value. Anyone who is looking to buy or sell, we always recommend Lin, you won’t find anyone else as extraordinary who goes above and beyond.

Chester P.

Lin is the best real estate agent in the Bay Area, and I should know, as I've used her services for buying and selling. In 2003, Lin helped us find a fantastic home in the Hayward hills that we loved for 13 years. It overlooks the Bay, and we have enjoyed thousands of spectacular sunsets. Several years ago, we explored the possibility of moving closer to work. Lin thoroughly researched this for us, even though she suspected the economic climate was probably not conducive to the move we were contemplating. She got nothing for her pains, but cheerfully assisted us with a detailed analysis, discussed it with us, and agreed it was not the right time. When the time was right, we asked Lin to help us sell our home. We already knew Lin was an exceptional human being, an expert communicator, and an expert in her field. As we learned, she is also expert in home repair team mobilization, landscaping coordination, home staging, strategic planning, timing, failsafe backup structuring, negotiation, and ethical business practices. Even though Lin is involved with many very high value property transactions, she always treated us like her most important clients with our relatively modest (for the Bay Area) transaction. Lin is incredibly responsive and articulate, and has a take-charge approach to preparing a property for sale. She has an amazing network of handymen, painters, home repair specialists and stagers. My wife and I call her the "little general," though there is nothing little about her commitment, capability, passion for the client's interests, or her results. As for our results, Lin's timing and strategy paid off big time. We had multiple bidders after the first open house, and were in contract four days after listing. Lin's strategic approach resulted in negotiated bids 8.5% over our asking price, far exceeding our expectations. But the story gets better. Even though we thought we had the ideal buyer, Lin carefully structured a no-contingency contract with a back-up buyer just in case a problem developed. To our shock and surprise, a problem indeed developed that increased our risk beyond our comfort level. The buyer failed to perform as agreed in the contract and we seamlessly transitioned to the second buyer. It was smooth sailing, with a trouble-free closing. Lin's secret (or one of them) is working with good people. Her network of home repair experts is comprised of first rate people who enjoy working with other good people. It was altogether a very satisfying experience. However, in full disclosure, refreshing your home while living in it is no piece of cake, but that does not reflect on Lin or her associates. I hope you can tell from my review how thrilled we are with Lin and the outcome of our transactions, getting into the home and then getting out with sizable equity. It says something that after 13 years we sought Lin out to help us again. In closing, let me say that in life, if we are lucky, we run into a certain number of special people that enrich our lives. Lin is such a person. I believe that Lin's satisfaction in life is helping others achieve their dreams. In fact, I'm certain of it.

Rui M.

We bought our home on the peninsula with Lin earlier this year. She came to us through a recommendation from a friend who had purchased a home with her a few years back in the area that we were interested in. Lin was super nice, always punctual, very well prepared, and supremely knowledgeable about the pros and cons of each neighborhood and individual house. We were first-time buyers so it took us two weekends to even get a sense of what we liked and initially we asked Lin to show us everything she had within our budget range. We soon learned our preferences and gave her feedback on the houses we liked and pretty much immediately her showings changed and became very much on target with our newly refined tastes and requirements. This meant we wasted less time looking at stuff we wouldn't have considered and instead spent it getting to know better the two properties that we had shortlisted. When it came time to give an offer, Lin gave us a really solid assessment of what she thought the market-clearing price would be and didn't pressure us at all to bid higher. We ultimately bid slightly higher of our own accord because we loved the house so much. Lin was very helpful throughout the entire sales process and gave us a lovely housewarming gift. She also explained every step of the process (which can be very confusing for first-time buyers like us!) and was instrumental in helping us find a mortgage broker. Whenever we needed help negotiating or understanding anything, Lin was very quick to respond, no matter if it was late Friday evening or early Sunday morning. We found out later another friend also used Lin for their family's properties. It's not a coincidence that the two folks who we know who worked with her highly recommend her! We do as well.

Emma K.

If you want a savvy, creative, patient, and powerful real estate agent call Lin. We bought our first home in San Mateo with Lin. We needed someone to help us through the difficulties of buying our first home in the competitive Bay Area market. Lin was on top of everything. She offered her honest and thoughtful opinion. We knew she had our best interest in mind and wasn't after just the sale. If we showed interest in a home Lin was easily able to get to know the Realtor® if she didn't know them already from her many years of experience. This helped us immensely to understand the background of the home to aid in the negotiation process. She was diligent and stuck with us throughout a difficult complex decision process. She also has many years of home remodeling/renovation experience. We were able to chat with her about home design renovations and the reality of the cost/effort. If she wasn't sure about the cost/effort she was able to call her many known vendors to help assist. This creativity was invaluable in the home search and once our property was purchased. She always reminded us we were the "bosses" and it was up to us but she made sure to give us her honest opinion based on facts and her many years of experience. We love our home and feel confident we made the best decision.

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